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GearFerret came about out of frustration in trying to find the best outdoor gear–either for myself, or for my kids. Sometimes it was a sleeping bag, other times, trekking poles or hydration pack or headlamp or tent.

The options & choices are far too many to make a quick, easy choice, and I’ve found that, depending on my preferences, what I specifically need, and what features I care most about, making any kind of choice is never easy.

Worse yet, I end up going down a rabbit hole, spending hours & hours researching products, features, reviews, etc. Usually this goes on for days–sometimes weeks. I usually end up even more confused. It’s super frustrating.

And maybe worst of all, sometimes I’ve exhaustively researched products, made my choice, bought the product, only to find it was shoddy or doesn’t hold up in the field. This has happened with products like a tent or lantern or boots or water shoes. Especially with kids–or if you’re rough on your gear–this can be a problem.

The last thing you want is to carry something into the backcountry, only to have it break, or leak, or rip, or just plain not work. Especially on a once-in-a-lifetime trip you’ve been looking forward to. To add insult to injury, then you end up having to pack that junk out.

Find the best outdoor gear, fast & easy

Because of all that wasted time & frustration, I decided to compile the best outdoor gear & outdoor products on this site, to make it easy & fast to figure out what you want for what you’re doing, and where you can get it.

Basically, I created this site to solve a problem I was having, over & over, each time I needed some piece of gear. Hopefully, the reviews & info here will save you time & frustration.

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If you’re looking to buy a headlamp, trekking poles, hydration pack, LED lantern (camping lantern, sometimes called a TAC light lantern), sleeping bag, or any other products & outdoor gear for hiking, backpacking, or hunting or fishing, you’ll find unbiased reviews here on GearFerret.

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